21 Days to Self: a transformative rebirthing breathwork retreat

Join a life-changing Rebirthing Practitioner & Facilitator Retreat following the Leonard Orr method, led by ALINA COSETTE, designed to take you on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Nestled in the tranquil embrace of nature, this transformative retreat spans three weeks, offering you a rare opportunity to embark on a soulful adventure, leaving behind the noise of everyday life and diving deep into the essence of who you truly are.

Master Your Breath & Discover a New You

Become a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner & Facilitator

Create a new, happier, more fulfilled life

April 2024, Location: TBA

Discover a New You

3 weeks of rebirthing sessions

and powerful transformation

The 21-day retreat is meticulously structured to create a holistic experience, catering to mind, body, and spirit.

Led by a seasoned practitioners and expert in the fields of rebirthing, spiritual psychology, meditation, yoga, self-discovery, fire ceremonies and eventually ecstatic dance, each day unfolds with purpose and intention.

Here’s what you will experience:

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1. Breathwork Sessions

At the core of this retreat lies the transformative practice of rebirthing. Through guided breathing techniques, you will release stagnant emotions and traumas buried deep within, allowing you to embrace emotional freedom and inner clarity.

Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, you will traverse through your past, unraveling layers of conditioned patterns to rediscover the pure essence of your being.

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2. Meditation and Mindfulness

By integrating neuroplasticity and spiritual psychology into the rebirthing journey, participants experience a holistic transformation. They leave the retreat with a newfound sense of self, equipped with practical tools to continue rewiring their minds and nurturing their spiritual growth long after the retreat ends. The ripple effects of this transformative experience extend beyond the three weeks, empowering individuals to lead lives infused with purpose, resilience, and deep self-awareness.

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3. Yoga and Movement

The retreat will also incorporate daily yoga and movement sessions designed to harmonize the mind-body connection.


With gentle stretches and mindful movements, you will unlock the energy within, promoting physical vitality and emotional balance.

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4. Workshops and Group Activities

Engaging workshops and group activities will encourage communal support and authentic connections with fellow participants.

These sessions will explore various aspects of self-empowerment, inner child playful support, communication, and the art of self-compassion, enriching your overall experience and facilitating lasting bonds.

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5. Immersion in Nature

During the retreat, participants are encouraged to embrace the therapeutic effects of nature through guided nature walks, silent reflections by the beach, and meditative sessions amidst the tranquil beauty of Goa’s landscapes.  

Nature becomes their teacher, unveiling profound insights and reflections as they witness the interconnectedness of all living beings and the rhythm of life.

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3. Fire Ceremonies

As the sun sets over the horizon, participants gather around a sacred fire pit, embracing the ancient practice of the fire ceremony. 

Participants will be invited to offer their intentions, prayers, and written thoughts into the sacred flames. The fire becomes a sacred vessel, transmuting their emotions and intentions, and inviting a sense of surrender to the higher forces at play.

Customize your experience

Come as you are. Come as you can. 

We’ve designed the experience to be easy to follow and complete for anyone committed to this journey. While the full journey Rebirthing Journey means a 21 day commitment, you can also join in different phases or even upgrade to become a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator.

Module 1 - Week-Long Retreat - 8 nights/9 days

Don’t have time for a full 21-day retreat, but would like to start the journey and continue it later on?

Join us for days of intensive transformation, connection, and rebirthing. 

You will have the option to upgrade later on or join our future retreats to continue the journey.




Take a break from everything and delve into a powerful transformation.


Master your breath to use it a healing tool.


Discover a new way of living your life.


Experience India with like-minded, beautiful souls. 

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Module 2 - Going Deeper - 2 weeks

Days 7 to 21 are meant to take you even deeper into the Rebirthing journey.

If you have already completed Module 1/ Week 1 with Alina Cosette or a different rebirthing facilitator following the Leonard Orr method you can join us. 




Undergo a deep transformation that will bring joy, clarity, peace and a new perspective on life. 


Heal emotional wounds and decondition from childhood programming. 


Get a solid understanding of Conscious Connected Breath so you can you use it for the rest of your life as a powerful tool. 

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Module 3 - Become a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator

After the 21 Days to Self program  (Module 2) you can take it further and commit to becoming a Rebirthing Facilitator, going deeper into the technique, the transformation and the ways you can facilitate this experience  in 1:1 and group settings. 




Give back, lead people through transformational breathwork experiences, and embark on a new life path. 


Delve even deeper into the transformation. 


Learn how to hold space, be present, mirror and hold group and 1:1 sessions. 


Discover the guidelines of a high-quality Rebirthing Session, The role of a Rebirther, and its Ethical Codes.


Start a new career and create a new source of income. 

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Experience a powerful transformation.

As the days progress, you will begin to shed the layers of your conditioned self, like a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon. The retreat will empower you to embrace your authenticity, empowering you to live a life aligned with your true purpose and passion.

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What you will learn?

During this course, you will:


Delve into Rebirthing Breathwork’s core principles and techniques.


Master Conscious Connected Breath.


Transition from a mindset of fear to one of joy and empowerment.


Heal deep-seated emotional scars.


Utilize somatic embodiment for trauma healing.


Shed limiting beliefs from childhood.


Engage in empowering embodiment exercises.


Harmonize with your Inner Feminine and Masculine energies.

This is for YOU if you:

✔️  Are looking for a change, a break from everything AND a reinvention.
✔️ Aren’t satisfied with the status quo anymore and want a new life, new friends, more abundance, and more joy. 
✔️ Feel drawn to spirituality but also want to dive deeper into the human psyche and different healing modalities. 
✔️ Are looking for ways to deal with anxiety, ADHD, addictions, depression, pain, trauma and any obstacles in your life.
✔️ Crave meeting new, like-minded souls on the same journey as you
✔️ Are looking for a new path in life and maybe a new profession as well. 

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During this course, you will experience. 

Guidance and coaching sessions in NLP exercises

Creative and transformative group or paired activities, utilizing elements of theater, drawing, and music

Multiple Group and Individual Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions

Campfire gatherings

Purification activities by the sea and around the fire

Ecstatic celebration dances

 Rejuvenation through yoga techniques or connecting with natural elements

Sound Healing Sessions

5 CHAPTERS following

the method created by Leonard Orr, the founder

👉 Week 1: Explores the Personal Law & Personal Deception and offers techniques for releasing guilt, fear, and shame through Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions and more.
👉 Week 2: Focuses on the Womb and Birth, addressing limitations and distortions in time through Rebirthing and shamanic breaths.
👉 Week 3: Is dedicated to the Inner Child (0 – 12 years) and includes Rebirthing Breathwork sessions with a focus on chakras.
👉 Week 4: Addresses Abundance, Prosperity, and Inner Balance, offering techniques for Transfiguration and Alignment to the Higher Self Line through breathwork sessions in warm thermal water.
👉 Week 5: Is intended for the training of Rebirthing Facilitators, focusing on Structure, Knowledge, and Personal Model, with breathwork sessions in cold water.

Let yourself be guided through one of the most powerful self-development journeys.

During the working sessions, participants will have the opportunity to explore coaching techniques, group and individual conscious breathing sessions, purifications of physical, psychological, and emotional discharges, along with awareness activities through art and role-play.

Additionally, you will be inspired and engaged in games, painting, dancing, and music, all of which contribute to the co-creation of a newer, healthier, and clearer Being in all aspects of life.


Discover and embrace the secrets and healing power of breathing


Re-acknowledge the false beliefs and sabotaging programs from childhood running in the subconscious, and have the ability to cancel them and create new, healthy programs aligned with personal authenticity


Expand your self-awareness and take advantage of the opportunity to become a certified Rebirthing Facilitator


Strengthen your immune system and physical health, and align and harmonize your endocrine system


Re-acknowledge distorting barriers based on shame, guilt, and fear, and reevaluate them


Develop your creative potential in a new, conscious format

An experience that has already changed lives

Here’s what others are saying:

A truly wonderful, eye opening and revealing experience. A great tool for releasing old traumas, blockages and unknown obstacles. It helped me realize and release my deepest fears and blockages that i had in life. Totally recommend, you may find out things about you that you didn’t even know you had within.

Serena La Ferrara

I’ve never felt happier. I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve felt my body and mind lighter. I’ve felt emotions I did not know I had just because I’ve synchronised my breath with a peaceful melody during the exercise. My colleagues felt the same. I left home with my body revitalised, with joy in my soul and happy that I have had the chance to experience this technique. Thank you for the privilege.

Gelu Panduru

It was blissful. I’ve managed to cry and release emotions that I’ve kept inside probably all of my life. I’m still processing, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I’ll be back for more. 


The next training starts on
APRIL, 2024

Join us for 1 week, the 3-week ’21 Days to Self’ program, or for 5 weeks and become a Rebirthing Facilitator.


Here are the main packages:

Module 1 - Week-long Retreat

This is the starter package.

Start your journey and join us for 8 nights and 9 days to experience a powerful transformation.

You can upgrade to the the subsequent programs later on and join the next trainings.

*Accomodation in double room included

1490 Euro


Join the full ’21 Days to Self’ experience for 3 weeks and become a Rebirthing Practitioner. 

You will undergo a complete transformation and can later opt to become a facilitator.

*Accomodation in double room included. Upgrades available

3490 euro


Become a Certified Rebirthing Facilitator and lead 1:1 or group rebirthing breathwork sessions.

It’s an opportunity to completely transform your life and start on a new path.

*Accomodation in double room included. Upgrades available. 

2490 euro 





✔️  The Full Training Led by Alina Cosette for the selected module following the method created by Leonard Orr. 
✔️ Lectures, Sharing, Group Exercises, Mind Training Tools, Training in Different Breathwork Methods
✔️ Course Materials
✔️ Full Local Support & Guidance During the Retreat
✔️ Breakfast
✔️ Accommodation in a shared double rooms.   Upgrades available.

Are you ready to embark on the path to self-mastery?

Join us for “21 Days to Self” and unlock the infinite possibilities that lie within you.

Spots are limited
Become a Rebirthing Practitioner
Learn how to lead others and become a Rebirthing Facilitator
Discover a new YOU

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us, to book a free discovery call and to write on Whatsapp at +40721065348

Are flights included in the package?
No, the package does not include flights. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel.
Are meals covered in the retreat package?
The package includes breakfast daily, but other meals and any local expenses outside of the course offerings are not covered.
Do I need any previous experience or training to join the "21 Days to Self" retreat?
For the first week, you don’t need any prior experience to embark on this transformative journey. However, if you wish to join from week 2 onward, you must have completed prior trainings with a rebirthing facilitator.
How is a typical day structured during the retreat?

Each day will comprise two 3-hour working sessions.

We will wake up at 08:00 and start the day with yoga or waking up activities and a tasty breakfast. 

In the morning there will be a 3-hour session with coaching, group exercises, etc. 

We’ll have a break for lunch, then there will be another 3-hours session with different breathwork practices.

The day’s activities will typically wrap up around 18:00.

There will be additional activities scheduled, but rest assured, you’ll also have some free time for personal reflection or exploration.

Sundays are designated as free days, allowing participants some downtime to relax, reflect, or explore the surrounding beauty of Goa.

Meet Cosette Alina, the heart and soul behind the “21 Days to Self” retreat.

As the lead facilitator of the transformative rebirthing training. With a decade of experience as a compassionate practitioner, she possesses a deep passion for guiding others on their journey of self-discovery and healing.

Her warm presence and innate ability to connect with people create a safe and nurturing space, where participants can delve into the depths of their emotions and consciousness.

Cosette’s journey as a facilitator began when she experienced the transformative power of rebirthing in her own life.

Inspired by her personal growth and healing, she dedicated herself to mastering the art of rebirthing, studying under renowned mentors and completing various certifications in breathwork, energy healing, and meditation. Her diverse background in psychology, holistic therapies, and spirituality allows her to offer a comprehensive approach to transformation.

As a facilitator, Cosette exudes empathy and understanding, making everyone feel seen, heard, and valued. She recognizes with a keen intuition that enables her to read energies and emotions with great sensitivity, that each individual’s journey is unique and tailors her guidance accordingly.She can sense the underlying blocks and barriers that may hinder personal growth, gently guiding participants to confront and release these obstacles. Her insightful reflections and thought-provoking questions help participants gain profound insights into their patterns and behaviors, unlocking the potential for profound shifts.

Throughout the retreat, Cosette encourages participants to embrace their inner strength and resilience. She empowers them to face their shadows and fears, knowing that only by acknowledging and embracing all aspects of themselves can true healing occur.

Her unwavering belief in the human spirit inspires others to explore their hidden potentials and step into their authentic power.

Alina Cosette

Rebirthing Breathwork Retreat Facilitator

Ready to join?

What dates are better for you?
Book a call so we can customize your experience. 

Week 1 of the Rebirthing Journey 

The 21 Days to Self experience – April 2024

The Rebirthing Facilitator Module – May 2024

Multiple accommodation options available. Get in touch to learn more.